Facilitation that Inspires Full Participation
Where All Voices Come Forth and Work Gets Done

In our facilitation, we create ways of working together that are caring, and light hearted. Our method is synergistic; we always take into account the undercurrents caused by systemic oppression as well as differences in power and culture. We use processes to overcome barriers to effective communication and problem solving. We help participants free up their imaginations to create visions of positive futures, we then guide them to create concrete steps to implement their vision.

  • Evokes a spirit of generosity, integrity and respect.
  • Inspires faith that the collective process reveals the best course of action.
  • Is visionary, innovative and productive.
  • Encourages questioning.
  • Welcomes each person’s stories.
  • Where difference widens everybody‚Äôs horizons and deepens their humanity.
  • Fosters principled, democratic and accountable relationships.
  • Guides the group to make decisions that reflect the values of everyone participating.