Tools for Change  has been providing consulting, facilitation, mediation and training services for over 25 years. We help individuals and organizations address issues of power, embrace cultural diversity and tap into intuitive and creative resources.  Our approach weaves together deep reflection, sharing stories and heartfelt dialog that inspires generosity of spirit and collective genius.  We help people develop and implement innovative policies and practices that advance cooperation, creativity, trust, democracy and accountability. People we work with have powerful experiences and, at the same time, they learn valuable skills that help them meet the challenges in their work and community lives.

We have extensive experience in personal and community empowerment, communication skills, diversity issues, leadership development, mediation and facilitation. We frequently work in multi-racial/ multi-cultural teams. Our associates are diverse in skills,  race, class, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation and physical ability.  Each of us has a long history in social change work, anti-racism work, women’s issues, GLBT organizing, environmental, anti-nuclear movements, and fighting the radical right.