PageLines-bill-presenting.jpgWe design and facilitate meetings and events that are multi-cultural and multi-generational. Our approaches transform habituated patterns of interaction rooted in internalized oppression and privilege. Everyone is inspired to contribute their perspectives so diversity of experience informs decisions. Mutual care, creativity, decisive action and commitment are unleashed.

Alliance Building

For the first time in history, the future of life itself is in question. Our communities are threatened with moral, economic and ecological devastation. There are powerful forces arrayed against us. We need each other in order to bring about change.

Historically, in order to gain access to American society, all of us have been expected to leave our different cultures, traditions and perspectives at the door. This has made it impossible to create inclusive contexts and establish the trust necessary to work together effectively.

We come together to build alliances because we are stronger when rooted in our different communities and identities because we see different aspects of the situation. Just as importantly, our power is multiplied when we can call on our different constituencies.


In mediations for organizations, households and communities, we establish an atmosphere that inspires deep respect and empowers people to speak their truths and envision their dreams. Participants explore the influences of cultural, social and historic systems of dominance in ways that inspire social healing and the creation of just relations. Clarity emerges so people can choose the best way to move forward.

Training Packages

(available in multiple lengths)

  • Navigating Patterns of Privilege and Oppression:  Learn how you and your organization can creatively and successfully navigate dynamics of privilege and oppression that arise in any organization.  Get a deeper understanding of how to identify how race, gender and class in all their forms play out in policy, organizational practice and day to day operations.   Find effective and compassionate solutions to these thorny problems
  • Path to Becoming Multicultural:
    Bring what has traditionally been left out into the center. Broaden everyone’s perspectives, discover ways to become allies across social divides and to establish just relations.
  • Healing the Healer ~ Sustaining Ourselves Through Hard Times:  Ground yourself in greater purpose and inspire collective resilience. Develop skills to maintain balance amidst change.
  • Transformational Leadership: Learn ways to invite spirit, build collective coherence, transform patterns of domination, inspire full participation and develop visioning capacities.
  • Deepening Community Resilience: Increase your community’s ability to creatively respond to challenging times.
  • Customized Training:  We create programs uniquely tailored to your situation.

From our Tool Box

  • Applied Meditation for personal and collective reflection; bear witness, find hope, and create vision.
  • Appreciative Inquiry to surface peoples’ best experiences and envision the transformation they want to create.
  • Path Process is an inclusive strategic planning based in vision using Graphic Facilitation.
  • Popular Education to appreciate the larger forces at play through our stories and be better change makers.
  • Theater of the Oppressed, Open Space and other tools are also used as the need arises.
  • The Work that Reconnects awakens our connections with one another and the greater whole.