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Applied Meditation  is a unique healing resource for reducing stress and learning how to manifest your visions.    The  trainings provide an introduction to the power of mind/body interactions, the relationship of personal and community transformation.  Each session also address specific issues participants identify and offer people a way to learn the Principles of Applied Mediation while, at the same time, working with the most pressing challenges they face.

Margo Adair developed Applied Meditation for over 30 years until she passed away in 2010.  Bill Aal worked alongside Margo, from 1985 helping to refine and teach the principles and method.

The techniques of Applied Meditation are simple to learn, yet they promise profound transformation. Communities working with Applied Meditation weave their hearts and visions together to be better able to bring about a healthier world.

  • Develop mindfulness to be fully present
  • Learn to center in the midst of stressful situations
  • Heal chronic problems
  • Discover and transform self-defeating habits
  • Increase your power of concentration
  • Fine tune your intuition and recognize what is truly right for you
  • Open your imagination, release creativity and discover positive possibilities
  • Align yourself with your goals and naturally act in accord with them
  • Bring your body, mind, heart and spirit into alignment
  • Listen deeply to yourself and the world
  • Feel the mutuality of all life and relax into it
  • Bring the power of spirit into daily life and be joyful
  • Develop your visioning capacities and live into the world you want to create.

Training includes the latest findings in consciousness research.


Learn to work with meditation to maintain balance amidst change.
Discover how to easily tap the harmonizing energy of deep consciousness to heal, gain intuitive insight, enhance creativity and energize possibilities. Work with breath to discover the spacious awareness of mindfulness.


Learn to work with mindfulness, direct your healing energy, recognize self-defeating patterns. Know when visualization is working and when it is not; be better able to access intuitive insight at will and develop optimism that is not tied to denial. Grapple with the integration of politics and spirituality; experience psychic awareness through learning how to ethically work with Energy Circles and conduct intuitive health readings/healings. Listen deeply to both yourself and others.


Learn how to lead meditations that speak to people’s deeper consciousness and how to design meditations to fit specific circumstances. Also learn how to lead individual one-to-one intuitive problem solving sessions as well as Energy Circles.  Work at the Theta level to transform deep seated assumptions that might be limiting to your achieving your vision.  Learn tools for creating collective vision and will to move into that vision.

Circles for Change

Circles with peers to support you in changing your life and community.  Tools for Change provides a webinar series and toolkit for people to create their own peer support to learn and apply the tools of Applied Mediation in their life.

Healing the Healer

Applied Meditation Skills for Helping Professionals, For leaders, activists and anyone who is engaged with challenging interactions.

Applied Meditation skills will empower you to both maintain your own well being in the midst of demanding work and to be more effective in all areas of your life. Good leadership and healing are both rooted in having keen intuition and in knowing what to do in any situation. In this workshop you will become intimate with your own intuitive voice and learn to access it at will. You will learn how to stay centered in the middle of a crisis, protect your own boundaries without shutting down and ground yourself in compassion.

We will share ways to invite spirit, heart, and vision into the workplace or other settings. We will also demonstrate how to frame questions to elicit intuition and open the imagination to new ways of being. Learn to recognize what undermines group effort and what inspires mutual support and shared intention. The process of developing these skills is fun. You will have the opportunity to “catch up with yourself,” illuminate your work habits and create or reaffirm patterns that fit your sensibilities. This training will both replenish your energy and teach you skills that promise to qualitatively change your work life.

Visioning Justice: Sustaining Activism

Working with Applied Meditation, we will deepen our vision of a world where self determination, community, equity and trust are the norm. We will engage our imaginations, share our stories, and bring the power of spirit into our work in justice-making. (Our behavior is always loyal to what we imagine, so without a vision to strive for we unwittingly recreate the same patterns of domination that we are organizing against.) We will also cover some basic Applied Meditation skills, which will help sustain well-being in the midst of trying times.