Customized Applied Meditation CD

Tailored specifically to the challenges you face.
Especially recommended for:

  • Helping you to step into your aspirations and visions
  • Preparing for birth, surgery, public speaking, exams, creative project…
  • Life-threatening illness
  • Minimizing side effects of chemo and other pharmaceuticals
  • Improving or healing a chronic condition; relieving pain and/or maintaining healthy habits.
  • Major transitions: marriage, new job, divorce, kids
    leaving home…

With it you will inspire your whole self to:

  • Relax into a replenishing, receptive, creative and intuitive state of awareness; become attuned to your own wisdom.
  • Bring the power of your best experiences, sensibilities and talents to bear on the challenges you face.
  • Tap into your own sense of the sacred, unleash resilient life force energy and work with the body/mind connection to understand your body and foster healing.
  • Transform negative self-talk and regroove your cognitive pathways.
  • Utilize the power of suggestion making it easy to act in ways that are coherent with your best choices.
  • Set clear intention, align with your vision, put your best foot forward, bring your gifts to the world and attract resonant experiences.
  • Do what is needed to bring about the best possible outcome.

The Process

You muse over questions tailored to the challenges you face and then Margo interviews you.

  • To produce your custom meditation CD, she incorporates your language, your best memories and aspirations into a poetic form that awakens your inner self so you can easily rally your deepest resources to meet the challenges you face.
  • Your CD recording is mixed with relaxing music composed by Stefan Dasho and mailed to you.
  • Listen to the Applied Meditation CD again and again. While relaxing you will be guided toward healing insights into your greatest concerns, deeply secure in the awareness of your own power. Using this CD time and time again strengthens your ability to tap into your own creativity, intuition, wisdom and utilizing the body/mind connection it catalyzes your bodies healing powers as well.

Order Here. We will contact you within two days to arrange an interview.
Usually you can expect to receive your CD within two weeks.

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