Rainy Monday morning as the word of Margo’s passing comes to our house on Whidbey Island. We stand at the picture window staring into the grey-toned day, tears on the inside matching rain on the outside. We are outer-rim colleagues whose work has run parallel to Margo and Bill’s, not often crossing paths in the busyness of what we each have been determined to offer the world in the time we had to offer it. And yet, there has always been a sense of connection and support, a knowing that we are all holding steady and held within this large network of world workers—known and unknown.

Over the years we have been in circle, been on the phone, been in email connection—and always Margo’s ability to be fully present with these sporadic touch-ins has been a gift. What Margo offered the world is here and cannot be taken away. We all carry her work and my greatest prayer is that she knew before leaving and knows now in even greater fullness the worth of her life. May she be dancing in the “Great Freedom.”

Bill, what a journey for you both, and now for your going on. Love IS—drink deep of your love, even when salted with grief, for you are both in the new stages of life everlasting.

Your sisters in the circle,
Christina and Ann