Whenever I think of you in my heart I find myself pondering the life of a Sensei. The Sensei is always aware of the life force, and the delicate balance of grounding and spirit-given, or Heaven and Earth in balance, through our physical form. You have shown us mastery in walking quietly as an Aiki master does, with great condensed power and wisdom. I learned from you the art of absolute honor of one’s own life’s offering, in all forms, and wavering not on that certitude and self appraisal. You have a wonderful succinct honesty about you that was always such a breath of fresh air: you saw things for what they were. Of all the thousand things I love about you Margo, this one shines so brightly. You had a way of clearly seeing and honoring and you did it in the multi-realm balance blending our humanness with our highest selves. I love you friend, sister, colleague and I see you with Saraswati having a great chat about All Things as you dance and ride the White Swan. I bow to your life, and its continuum.

With utmost love and respect,