Dear Bill,

Starhawk has told us of Margo’s passing. My heart joins yours in celebration of this extraordinary woman. She is (and remains) a bright star in the human constellation. Although I didn’t know her personally, I will always remember and respect her many contributions to the enrichment of the experience of being human.

I’ve lost two soulmates, and remember the journey well. I could tell by seeing you together that Margo was your soulmate, your lover, your colleague, your collaborator, your partner, your friend…. My heart is with you as you take these first steps onward, carrying the essence of her with you. And I know that’s not the same as when she was with you physically. It’s not the same as sharing tea or wine and stories and dreams.

Please know that I’m here in Victoria, sending love and energy to you.

Peace with Earth, with much love from Rainey