{read to Margo by Bill and loved ones as Margo made the transition}

For Margo my dear beloved friend and sister and teacher,

I wish I could be right at your side holding your hand and giving you my love at this very moment… I am struggling with the urge to jump on a plane to come back to Seattle. The tears are streaming down my face as my heart fills with all the love I feel for you…  And then I break into a smile as I recall all the times we have shared – so many circles…  And the great teachings and examples from you that have given me so much… And the beautiful love between you and Bill and what a joy and inspiration your relationship has been… Oh Margo.  I will miss you so much.  You are in my dreams and in my heart.  I am sending my love and blessings for peace…

Bill…  I’ll be home on Monday unless I come sooner…  You know I am always here for you.  I am holding you in the light.

Susan  (Susan Partnow)