Tools for Change Resources

The following are short pieces which offer tools for change. They are useful for both individual and group reflection.

Alliance Building Resources

Concepts for justice making useful to inform your analysis of any situation

Dynamics-of-tokenism – what often happens how to avoid it

Patterns of power – ways we unconsciously duplicate oppression unintentionally; when we recognize them we can change them

To equalize power – simple things to keep in mind to build successful alliance across social divides

Challenging white supremacy – history of the the term “white” and a reframed view of Affirmative Action

Wonderbreading  of America – the forces of assimilation make people trade in loyalty to people, place and tradition in order to access upward mobility–a dynamic in which we all lose

Cultural Transformation Resources

Principles of social permaculture a lens for exploring values and practices that cultivate cultures of resilience

A vision: 25 years out – a meditation on what a sustainable and just culture might look like

The way of the geese – an exploration into mutual care and community life

Getting to the heart of the matter – a tool for analyzing any situation on individual, relational and structural levels to assess where attention is called for

AI interview beloved Community – a handout for working with groups to cultivate the celebration of difference

AI interview hand out power (2017) a handout for working with groups to transform power over relations into relations of mutual support and accountability

Applied Meditation Resources

Meditation Scripts to Meet the Challenges of the Times:

Faith in the future remembering the resilience of life, people are the makers of history, finding the courage to act to secure the future

Creating-shared-intent a short meditation to prepare for highly charged situations, enabling people to be rooted in their stand for a sustainable future

Visioning Future Times – envisioning positive possibilities 25 years out

Balance amidst change TFC handout – 3 to 5 minute meditations to increase group coherence and creativity — includes focus choices

Principles of applied meditation keep in mind to effectively work with intuition, intuition, and mindfulness.

Facilitation Resources

Making Meetings Work tips for facilitation spirited and effective meetings

Consensus Process includes both the flow and values that help it work

Creating an Atmosphere in which Everyone Participates l