Custom Meditation




Enjoy the power of Applied Meditation with a meditation designed for your unique needs, whether it is to help deal with test anxiety, getting ready for surgery, finding solutions to challenging circumstances.

Rally all your inner resources with a Customized Applied  Meditation CD or Audio File
With it you will inspire your whole self to:

  • Relax into a replenishing, receptive, creative and intuitive state of awareness and tune to your own wisdom.
  • Bring the power of your best experiences, sensibilities and talents to bear on the challenges you face.
  • Tap into your own sense of the sacred, unleash resilient life force energy and work with the body/mind connection to understand your body and foster healing.
  • Set clear intention, align with your vision, put your best foot forward and attract resonate experiences.

Especially recommended for:

  • Life threatening illness
  • Major transitions: marriage, new job, divorce, kids leaving home…
  • Preparing for: birth, surgery, public speaking, exams, creative project…
  • Improving or healing a chronic condition; relieve pain and/or maintain healthy habits 

Your meditation is mixed with meditative music specially composed by Stefan Dasho.       

GIFT   CERTIFICATES    are available.

 To   get  started, contact  Bill  to set up an interview.



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