Meditations for Everything Under the Sun




Meditations on Everything Under the Sun:

The Dance of Imagination, Intuition and Mindfulness

This groundbreaking work includes 160 indexed, mix-and-match meditations on nearly every issue and situation people face in contemporary life, including low self-image, catastrophic illness, blocked creativity, conflicts at work, child-rearing, addiction, job interviews, surgery, sexuality and intimacy. That said, MEDITATIONS ON EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN is not only useful for personal empowerment but also for cultural transformation. It can and should be used in group settings, for meditating together is a very effective way of establishing a sense of shared intention and opening a group’s visioning and creative capacities.

“This is a practical resource guide. You can use its meditations in your personal, professional, and creative life, regardless of your current spiritual practices, personal beliefs, or age. The meditations also lend themselves to groups. Meditating in groups can amplify a collective intent to access different perspectives, ideas, and solutions from the guidance received. And they recognize the diversity of our experience; rather than directing you according to any particular tradition, the meditations invite you to call on whatever you most revere, making them accessible to all.”- Angeles Arrien, from the foreword.



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