Practical Meditations for Busy Souls




Practical Meditation for Busy Souls

By Margo Adair & William Aal, Sourcebooks, 2008

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Practical Meditation for Busy Souls teaches readers a proven relaxation method that does not require years to master—or even a peaceful environment in which to practice. Margo and William help anyone in need of relaxation discover that calm place full of creative healing powers that resides inside each of us.(order now)

“‘Practical Meditations for Busy Souls is a splendid accomplishment. It is in the tradition of the greatPMBS_Coverwisdom seekers throughout human history, who have known that we can change our destiny by changing our mind. At a time when we seem eager to give our lives over to our genes and DNA, Margo Adair’s message is vital.” Larry Dossey, MD
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Adair and Aal teach techniques that make meditation available to even the most restless and busy people. Working with this practice, anyone will be able to quickly and easily enter a meditative state with physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

The book includes guided meditations to help you:

  • Set goals and plans for the future
  • Gain strength for new ventures
  • Take better care of your body
  • Reclaim your identity and self-confidence
  • Heal relationships
  • Contribute your unique gifts to the world
  • Live well in turbulent times

This book offers great tools to: 

  • release your inner visionary
  • hone intuition
  • be mindful
  • recognize and transform past trauma or negative conditioning
  • discover and work with “nonlocal” mind and probabilities
  • work with circles to build community
  • claim power in the world
  • bring spirit into public life

his exciting and original book includes more than 45 guided meditations. Practical Meditation for Busy Souls proves that you do not have travel far to be spiritual, that we all have the ability to bring tranquility into even the most hectic times of our life.

busysoulsThe book includes an audio CD with five meditations for reducing stress and finding inner calm, gaining insight, energizing possibilities, making the heart sing and being grounded and open throughout the day.  Designed for the busy person who would like to tap the great resources intrinsic to consciousness and carry them into daily life! The Meditations vary in length from 5 minutes to 20.


Endorsed by
Christiane Northrup, Starhawk, Angeles Arrien, Martin Rossman MD. James O’Dea, Paul Kivel, Vincent Harding  

Sourcebooks, 2008.  409 pages   $19.95     order here


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